The Old Greenhouse was at the heart of the garden for more than 40 years and was home to one of the finest vines in Southern Scotland. It has always been a popular place to sit and have a chat and was a favourite seat of Uncle Sherab, Samye Ling’s legendary artist, during his afternoon perambulations. Sadly it had been in a poor state for many years and was eventually dismantled last year. The site has been cleared and the plan is to build two smaller greenhouses with a grass quadrangle in the middle. The construction method will be the same as has worked so well on the Peach House, i.e. block retaining walls, galvanised roof frames, aluminium roof panels and timber window frames on the side. An Appeal Fund has been established and to date £3,000 has been raised with grants from the Hugh Fraser Foundation, the Society for Environmental Improvement Trust and private donations.  The estimated building costs are £10,000.
On the right there will be a Vinery to house the old vine which is still alive and kicking and will one day be trained back over the arches. Underneath there are various plans but could include chairs and tables for visitors. To the left, backing on to the hedge, will be a winter garden comprising a Fernery which should thrive in our overcast conditions and provide some greenery all the year round. Eskdale tends to be a grey place so a winter garden holds a great appeal. To have some colour out of season could be so uplifting.